Dental staff
A brand made to sleep well.
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For 'short sleep'.

various problems that arise during sleep,
What if you thought it was just a matter of sound?
Developed by dental staff to get a good night's sleep, 'Pasa' is
Always suggest effective improvements,
Create a routine that takes a good night's sleep for granted.

A brand for a night of sleep without even dreaming,

Human creativity,
Machine specific details.
Products that mimicked shapes with simple understanding,
Even the effect is only "mimicked".
Start in dentistry, become professional, Over a thousand tests
Pasa that progressed and reached a near-perfect design.
The system of Pasa is divided between man and machine.
You will go through the most efficient 3D manufacturing process.
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Customer satisfaction
The value of Pasa.
We have not set the duration or number of corrections.
Because the criterion of Pasa is only the satisfaction of the customer.
Get out of the pain of sleep disorders Happy life
Living It is the pride and pride of Pasa.
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Everything you were conscious of
Simplifying the processes that were cumbersome,
I want to get closer to the essence.
What if a single photo could be customized?
What if the cumbersome buying process goes away?
To turn the processes of consciousness into the unconscious,
To find that you can be so comfortable.

Oral Scanning App Subscription Service Commercially Planned

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Domestic and foreign patents and
Regulatory retention.
Pasa holds related patents in approximately 11 countries.
The only domestic oral device
Health New Technology Certification completion Was
Currently, the U.S. FDA and the US FDA for overseas expansion European CE Certification
It is in progress, Domestically, already in 2016
It is a Class 2 medical device that has been registered as a medical device.
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