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Snoring Pasa

There is no cure for snoring treatment, but through the meticulously designed façade
Most of the users are satisfied with the snoring level and are using it.

When purchasing a product, you will first be sent a kit to collect your teeth impressions.
After the tooth bone is obtained, the application for recovery is carried out, and the design and production are completed at the head office on the basis of the bone, and the finished product is sent.

It's possible.
We incorporate personal elements such as teeth, mating, and jaw joints into the design.

It's possible.
However, in the case of prosthetics, there are many variables, so it is recommended that they be built after sufficient consultation with the researcher.

In the case of initial use, the mandibles advance and although pain in the concept of mild muscle pain may occur,
The product design itself has free space for the jaw and teeth to move more or less freely,
By setting the amount of advance within the range of motion of the jaw,
pain and side effects were minimized.

For self-customized, most of the products are made by Chinese OEMs.
Pasa is a product that researchers design to reflect the characteristics of the individual in a 1:1 manner through the consultation of a dentist,
There is a difference between a product that is produced simply by collecting impressions, in the material, in the production process, in the side effect rate and in the effect.

A pumping machine is a machine that pushes oxygen through pressure to supply oxygen to a narrowed airway in the form of an oxygen injector.
Pasa is an oral apparatus that naturally advances the mandibles to widen the airways, and the upper and lower jaws are integrated into the structure.
It is a device that prevents oral breathing and develops the ability to breathe on its own.

If produced through dentistry, additional costs may be incurred in the process of check-ups, dental photography, doctor diagnosis, etc.
When visiting the headquarters, only the tooth impression collection process is assisted by a medical institution, and the result is the same as using the kit.

For young children, growth does not end and is not recommended.
For adolescents who have undergone a 2nd Sex Jing, where all the perpetuators are in place, it is recommended that the production be carried out after sufficient counseling.


Pasa Impression Kit

It is a production tool that collects teeth for the production of pasa.


You can apply for recovery through KakaoTalk.

It will be guided in detail via YouTube and the manual, making it easy to follow.

Please proceed with all 2 sets in case of any chance of failure.

Sleep disorders

During sleep, the muscles of the upper airway become loose, and part of the airway narrows,
When I try to breathe in, the narrowed upper airway trembles, and the sound I make is snoring.
Pasa is an oral device that widens the airway to gain breathing volume, and prevents mouth breathing so that you can develop the right sleep habits.

Sleep apnea is when you stop breathing for at least 10 seconds during sleep, despite the fact that there is an attempt to breathe.
Obstructive sleep apnea caused by the obstruction of the oral airways and
The effort to breathe itself can be classified as central sleep apnea, which shows a temporary pause.
In general, more than 90% of sleep apnea is obstructive sleep apnea.

The main feature is snoring, which is accompanied by particularly severe snoring and the sound of a rough breath, after which it becomes quiet with apnea,
It is characterized by the beginning of breathing again with a very loud sound.
Weekly symptoms include daytime lethargy and fatigue, which do not relieve fatigue even after a long period of sleep.
Attention span can be difficult, memory and judgment can occur, and aggressive personalities, anxiety, and depressive symptoms may occur.
In men, libido decreases and is accompanied by erectile dysfunction.

If left untreated, obstructive sleep apnea syndrome increases the risk of developing various diseases.
Due to lack of sleep, the risk of traffic accidents and safety accidents is also increased by more than 2.5 times.
Repetitive hypoxia and hypercarbonemia can excite the sympathetic nerves during sleep, which can lead to increased blood pressure and heart dysfunction.
It also causes vascular endothelial cell dysfunction, which increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease due to atherosclerosis.
With moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea syndrome, the risk of developing hypertension within 4 years is about 3 times higher,
Patients with high blood pressure may not be able to control their blood pressure well. It also increases the risk of stroke by about 50% or more.
If sleep apnea improves, the risk of stroke decreases, and in patients with hypertension, blood pressure decreases,
In obese patients, it can be difficult to lose weight.

Globally, in epidemiological studies of sleep apnea in adults, 3-7% of men,
2-5% of women reported having sleep apnea accompanied by daytime excessive drowsiness.
In a domestic study, sleep breathing disorders were observed in 27% of men and 16% of women in the 40-69 age group,
The prevalence of sleep apnea with daytime hyperdrowsiness is reported to be around 4.5% in men and 3.2% in women.

In the case of snoring, assistive therapy is more widely used than surgical treatment,
Mainly use pumping machines or oral devices.

It is commonly referred to as clenching the teeth (tooth bite) or grinding to the side.
The cause is not known exactly, and a large sociopsychological factor is stress.
In pathophysiological factors
Sleep disorders, disorders of the brain and nervous system, smoking, drinking, caffeine, drugs, etc.
We see it as the cause.

The diagnosis of lice is often made by the patient's spouse or the person sleeping with whom the lice complain, or sometimes
Although it depends on the patient's own appeal, In fact, lice do not appear throughout the time of sleep, so the patient himself
They are often unaware. Even couples who have lived together for decades do not recognize their spouse's teeth.
There are quite a few cases where you can't.
Therefore, the symptoms and signs associated with lice, such as tooth matrices, are identified and diagnosed.
the sound of lice and nits talking to the family, jaw pain that occurs or intensifies when you wake up in the morning, tooth pain, headache, the phenomenon of jamming of the jaw,
Indentation of the mucous membranes of the tongue and cheeks , abnormal tooth wear (straight teeth), hypertrophy of the chewing muscles , jaw joint disease, tooth or restorative fracture shaking of the teeth,
If you see periodontal disease, etc., you may suspect it.
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